Dancing Horse Equestrian Center

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+1 703-327-1393

40788 Red Hill Road, Leesburg, VA 20175
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  • Deidre McCarthy
    Nov, 30 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I have boarded my horse at Dancing Horse for about 9 years now and have always been happy with the management, level of care and the quality of the facilities. Just like any horse owner, I'd love to be able to keep my horse in my back yard, but in the DC area, that's just not possible! I have always felt at Dancing Horse that my horse is first and foremost safe and well taken care of, as well as well monitored when I can't be there. Traveling fairly frequently for work, I trust the management at Dancing Horse to make the necessary decisions that inevitably come up when I am away. The management is careful to arrange for spring/fall shots, dentist appointments, etc. every year and be available to answer questions or respond to requests. The management regularly communicates changes and announcements through email and maintains a collective calendar to allow everyone to stay in touch with each other. The facilities (three big rings including an indoor ring) have wonderful footing and are well maintained. The fields for turnout are spacious and not overcrowded, have plenty of grass as well as hay supplied. Special requests for turnout, supplements, use of your own trainer/vet/farrier, etc. are accommodated easily. I am confident that the management focuses on providing the best care for my horse, mindful of the instructions I leave on my stall door, but always watching for changing weather conditions, depending on the season, to bring my horse in, put my horse out and blanket appropriately. We have boarded at other facilities in the same region and have not had the same positive experiences with turnout or management. We are very happy to stay at Dancing Horse!!
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